Holiday Party Ideas – San Francisco Bay Area

Strum & Spirits full stage shot
Strum & Spirits is presented with a giant video screen, ensuring that everyone can see what's going on!

If you're looking for great holiday party ideas for your friends, family or company party, look no further than Strum & Spirits! Ideal for all ages, music and fun is the basis of this event.

We provide up to 50 guitars (more available upon special request) for everyone, and host David Victor (formerly of the band BOSTON) gives a very gentle introduction to the guitar. By the end of the 45-minute session, everyone in the room will be jamming along happily together! Our roving "guitar helper" ensures that no new rocker is left behind. Each event also "pairs" a classic rock song with an adult beverage (for 21-and-over only) that echoes the spirit of the song.

As if that's not enough, David Victor follows up the group jam session with your choice of entertainment: an acoustic set of music (perfect for cocktail parties) or a dance set of classic rock and new music for those parties that are just gettin' started.

You can book your Bacci ball tournament or Paint and sip, but remember, Strum & Spirits is just way more rockin'!

Contact us today about booking Strum & Spirits for your holiday party!


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