Frequently Asked Questions

I've never played guitar before, and I don't own a guitar, so I can't do this, right?

WRONG! Strum & Spirits is ideal for beginners! You can even rent a guitar from us if you don't have one of your own.

Do I need a guitar?

You can bring your own guitar if you have one. If not, just let us know (typically this is handled when you purchase your ticket, or by the party planner for private events). We can provide many guitars. If you can bring your own guitar, some venues will provide a discounted ticket.

Do I have to drink to enjoy Strum & Spirits?

Absolutely not! In fact, you might retain more of your lesson and the interesting history if you don't. 😉

What about my long fingernails?

Shorter nails do make it a little bit easier to play the guitar, but long nails are okay too.

How do I book Strum & Spirits for my event?

Simply contact us right here! We'll be delighted to speak with you about your event.