Corporate Team Building Events

Strum & Spirits corporate team-building event at Robert Lee Associates
Strum & Spirits corporate team-building events

Strum & Spirits is the perfect corporate team building event. Combining music, fun and group interaction, Strum & Spirits embodies the essence of working together as a team to produce excellent results!

At each class, participants are given their own guitar, while our instructor gives the class a very gentle introduction to the instrument through a multimedia presentation spiked with storytelling and humor. A large projected video is shown so that everyone can easily follow along. By the end of the class, using our simple teaching method, everyone is jamming along together! No budding rocker is left behind.

Teaching chords at a group guitar and sip class

Finally, everyone relaxes and enjoys their paired adult beverage (of course, it can be non-alcoholic if desired) while David Victor presents an acoustic set of classic hits from BOSTON, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Snow Patrol, Third Eye Blind and more.

If your event requires the party to keep on going after your team building event, Strum & Spirits can provide up to three hours of classic rock and dance music (additional fee required, let us know your requirements).

You and your team will discover the relationship between creating music together and working as a group. If you want to encourage active listening and group cooperation, give Strum & Spirits a try. Great fun and suitable for groups of 25 people and up.

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