Strum & Spirits at the Firehouse Arts Center

We had a great first graduating class for our event at the Firehouse Arts Center on Thursday, June 29th! Our largest group to date enjoyed some rock ‘n roll history, a nice Malbec and Syrah red blend called “The Fiend”, and together we all learned a song on the guitar (even all of the total beginners!) By the end of the class, we were all jamming along together to “Wild Thing” by The Troggs.

The end of the class featured a performance of some of David’s favorite rock ‘n roll tunes including selections from BOSTON, Journey and Led Zeppelin.

Special thanks to my great team: Tamra Bedford (hostess with the mostest!), Jack “All-Business” Barton (guitar) and Michael Brandon (percussion).

We’ll see you all back at the Firehouse on Thursday, August 24th for another great rock ‘n roll song and wine pairing and some new performance music with Strum & Spirits.