Strum & Spirits Corporate Team-Building Event

Strum & Spirits debuted their first corporate team-building event at Robert Lee & Associates LLP in San Jose on Friday, July 7th. The song taught to this group of wild men and women was appropriately enough “Wild Thing” by fabulous Troggs. The song was paired with a lovely jammy Zinfandel of the same name from the Queen of Zinfandels, Carol Shelton Vineyards in Santa Rosa, CA.

The beginning group guitar lesson was capped off by an acoustic performance from class instructor David Victor. David performed several BOSTON classics as well as selections from Journey and Led Zeppelin. “Thank you for…coming to work today!” said Mr. Victor, as he exited the stage.

A good time was had by all. In fact, several commented that they wanted to learn another that same night! Check out the smiles from this group of budding rock ‘n rollers — those are accountants!

Photo of Corporate Team-Building Events in the San Francisco Bay Area
Strum & Spirits is perfect for corporate team-building events